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Reliability Of Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine

Jun. 17, 2019

Reliability of vacuum oil filter

The reliability and space utilization of the equipment, the operation experience of the equipment operators should be summarized and summarized, the use of large filters should establish a database. If the new filter needs to be installed in the existing plant, the space height and occupation area as well as the orientation and height of the inlet and outlet parts should be considered.

Special requirements refer to the requirements caused by the toxicity, volatility and inflammability and explosive property of filter slurry, which are usually solved by sealing operation and nitrogen free method. In addition, the value of filter products should be considered to determine the performance of the filter advanced parts and cost.

For large handling capacity of Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Machine, continuous filter, large filter or several small filter, such as drum vacuum filter, horizontal belt vacuum filter, etc. When the amount of treatment is small, intermittent filter can be used, such as pressure vessel filter, when the solid phase concentration of the filter slurry is low, there is a lot of liquid to be treated

Consider segmental treatment, where the solid phase is concentrated to an intermediate concentration before the final filtration. For example, the neck is concentrated with a thickener before the vacuum filtration in the personnel. For small treatment on the selection of batch filter.

For treatment purposes, is the separated product a solid or liquid phase, or both, or neither (e.g. water treatment). The use of a product can affect economy and aftertreatment. The solid phase product is either filter cake or thick pulp.

Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

If it is a filter cake, a device with a satisfactory wet string should be selected.

When the product is liquid phase, the solid denier and saturation should be taken into account. It is better that the liquid phase should not reach saturation to avoid blocking the press cloth and pipeline due to crystallization. The requirement of solid content in liquid phase products determines whether filter cake or medium filter should be used.

Solid phase washing and dehydration, in order to improve the purity of solid phase products and recovery of liquid phase, it is necessary to wash filter cake. At this time, it is advisable to choose the filter with horizontal filter surface. Of course, to make the filter cake slurry, even if the solid particles of the filter cake are less suspended and then filtered again, is also an effective measure to improve the purity of solid phase products.

Filter with press function of the Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Machine should be used when the moisture content of solid phase products is significantly reduced. Compression and separation properties of filter cake. Pressure filter should be used for incompressible filter cake whose specific resistance is independent of pressure.

Pressure filter should be used for incompressible filter cake whose specific resistance is independent of pressure. For compressible filter cake, the specific resistance of the filter cake will increase exponentially with the increase of pressure, while increasing the filtration pressure will reduce the filtration speed, so a vacuum filter should be used.

Because the amount of filtrate is related to the thickness of filter cake, it is more advantageous to filter under the layer of pancake. But wafers are too thin to remove from the press cloth. Less than these thicknesses, the filter cake will not peel off easily.

The combination of the filtration process and its previous and subsequent processes should be taken into account in the process selection. Drying is the later process of filtration, which often has requirements on the table moisture rate of filter cake. For example, when drying distiller's grains cake, it is required to have a moisture rate of about 55%, otherwise the cake is not easy to dry and dehydrate.

The equipment for the previous process of filtration may be a reactor or a crystallizer, which will determine the size distribution of solid particles, naturally having a significant impact on the separation efficiency. In addition, auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, have an impact on the filtration efficiency and size of the filter, so choose the appropriate type.

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