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Explosion Proof Diesel Oil Filtration Plant, Gasoline Dehydration Machine Coalescence Separation

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TYB-E Series Explosion proof Diesel Oil Purifier is for treating the new and used diesel oil, fuel oil, gasoline oil for the generators.
It is also applicable for on line running with light oil filled, turbine oil filled and lubricating oil filled systems, especially good for water- leakage systems.
This oil purifier dehydrates by 2 kinds of filter elements. Coalescing filter will make the free and dissolved water from small molecule to big drop, then separation filter remove the water drop by gravity, falling into the water tank. It removes the particles by stages of filters and cleanness up to NAS grade 6.
It can remove large amount of water without heating, remove particulates,odor,foam from diesel oil, creates the fastest dehydration speed,

HOPU's EX Type diesel oil purifier Used for the industries including petroleum, petrochemical, chemistry, coal mining, metallurgy, power plant etc with flammable and combustible working conditions. All the components such as electric control system, motor and solenoid valves etc are well-selected by adopting Explosion-proof type with grade ExdⅡ BT4 and ExdⅡCT4 to adapt to different danger level.

1 .TYB-E series diesel oil purifier is designed for flammable and combustible environment, and adopt special oil water separator which requires no heating, offering   20   times higher water removing efficiently than over other types of purifiers.

2 .As no heating is needed, the additives in the oil are well prevented from degradation or deterioration.

3. Easy-to-operate, water can be discharged online automatically without the presence of operators.

4. Low operation cost, 20%-40% lower than vacuum purifier, centrifugal purifier and filter press.

5.Oil / water interface detector is used to monitor water level and discharge water automatically

6.Multilayer filtration can remove the impurities through coarse filter, protecting filter, and fine filer. Granularity test is good to achieve NAS6

7. The pipelines and tank of the purifier can be stainless steel or carbon steel.

8. For safty, copper gear pump or centrifuge pump is applied for explosion proof type

Technical data:

Flow rateL/hr60018003000600090001200018000
Working PressureMpa≤0.3
Working NoisedB(A)≤65
Power kW0.750.752.22.2345
Net Weightkg8090105135150185250

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