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Hydraulic Oil Recycling System, Vacuum Dehydration Unit

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Product Description


HOPU Used Lube Hydraulic Oil Recycling Plant is mainly for purifying and recycling unqualified used hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oils. According to the lubricating hydraulic oil's nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication hydraulic oil, so guarantee lubricating hydraulic system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machine.

Benifit from Our Hydraulic Oil Recycling Unit and Oil cleaning Maintenance Machines :

→Purifying your contaminated hydraulic oil to be new

→Maintaining your hydraulic oil always in clean status

→Save your used oil replacement cost

→Solve your waste oil disposal problem

→Guarantee your machinery and equipment working normally with qualified oil

→Protect your machinery and equipment to not be damaged from contaminated oil

→Reduce your maintenance time, energy and invest on transformers and power plant

→Prolong your machinery and equipment lifetime and save maintenance cost

→Bring a green oil ideal to the world and save oil energy for all of our generations


HOPU Used Lube Hydraulic Oil Recycling Plant can fast degas, dewater, and remove the impurity and the volatile matter (for example ethyl alcohol, gasoline, ammonia and so on) from used hydraulic oil completely. Enhances the oil quality, restores the lubricating oil viscosity, augments the flash point and improves the operational performance. Guaranteed the hydraulic system and the dynamic system, the lubrication system normal operation, so the machine is suit for many lines, such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufactures and so on.

Technical Parameters:

Flow RateL/min10203050100150200300
Vacuum DegreeMPa-0.06 ~ -0.095
Working PressureMPa≤0.4
Temperature0 ~ 100
Power Supply
3phrase,50Hz, 380V(or as needed,please contact HOPU's sales)
Working NoisedB(A)≤75≤75≤75≤78≤78≤78≤80≤82
Heating powerkW364045728090120135
Total powerKW3842477587101135147
Inlet/outlet calibermm2525253242505060
Parameter After Purification
Demulsification valueminNew oil ≤15min, running oil ≤30min
Water ContentPPM≤20
Gas Content%≤o.1

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