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Marine Centrifugal Oil Purifier, Heavy Fuel Oil Dehydration Plant

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Product Description


HOPU'S CYA Series Marine centrifugal oil purifier is mainly used for remove the free water and impurities from the oil,it can be applied to heavy diesel oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil clarification and purification to slow wear of diesel engine or other types of machines, and extend the service life of the machine and oil,also can be applied for some of vegetable oil,plant oil which can’t dissolve in water and the density is lower than water, such as peanut oil,palm oil,sunflower oil,turpentine oil etc.HOPU always been apply for mineral oil separator: Remove the water and mechanical impurities for fuel oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, mineral oil, etc. Also can be used to separate emulsion liquid .


1. Using high-speed disc centrifuge, separation more thoroughly.

2. Have self-discharging function,automatic trash, continuous and efficient.

3. High speed centrifugation to separating water and oil grease and sludge impurities

4. It can quickly separate water and impurity form the oil to ensure the oil quality

5. Using screw oil pump, lower noise, more stable performance.

6. Great ability to break emulsification through high polymer materials

7. PLC programmable controller, enabling unattended,the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

8. Have integrated protection system (filter blocking alarm, motor overload alarm, power fault phase, protection, over voltage and low voltage protection etc.)

Technical Specification of Centrifuge

ModelBowl Speed(rpm)Capacity(Per Hour)Running Load(Watts)WitdhFront to BackHeight

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