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Hopu Oil Filter Manufacturer Tells You How to Choose the Oil Filter?

Mar. 18, 2019

1. Oil Filter performance. The flow rate and viscosity of different oil filter machines are not the same. The flow rate of the oil filter can be large or not. When the oil filter is selected, the flow rate should exceed the applicable flow rate. If the viscosity of the filter oil is higher than 160cst during operation, please use a high viscosity oil filter. Moreover, many machines are equipped with different filter elements. The accuracy of the filter unit is related to the viscosity of the oil. The oil filter is selected according to this standard. If the equipment is sensitive to water, please use a condensate dewatering oil filter or a vacuum oil filter.

2. Oil contamination. Different oil filters should use different oil filter machines. Different types of oil filter machines have different solutions for water removal, degassing and impurity removal. The solid content of oil products is high and emulsification Whether it is serious or not, it is necessary to choose a high solids oil filter.

3. Oil Purifier configuration. Pay attention to whether the oil filter is suitable for explosion-proof applications. If necessary, use an explosion-proof oil filter. Whether the oil filter needs to be equipped with a fuel tank, if it is needed, it can be selected from a tank type oil filter. Generally, the environmental conditions are not good, and the box type oil filter can be selected if the equipment is contaminated by the on-site environment. Pay attention to the use of the oil filter, determine whether the power supply voltage is 380V or 220V, and the final selection should be adjusted separately. Whether you need to operate online or offline, whether you need intelligent, unattended oil filter equipment, choose the right oil filter product according to your needs.

The selection of oil filter is mainly based on the actual conditions of use. For different cleaning requirements of different pollution conditions, determine the performance and configuration of the required oil filter, and then choose the oil filter type based on these choices. number. There are many oil filter manufacturers that are not enough in Chongqing. We must choose high-quality products based on the brand, quality and service of these oil filter manufacturers.

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