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Various Vacuum Oil Purifier Oil Filter Element Parts For Different Stage Filtering

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Product Description

Various Vacuum Oil Purifier Oil Filter Element Parts For Different Stage Filtering

This oil filter element is mainly suitable to oil purifier machine for remove the impurity and particles at vacuum state. It can always be used in transformer oil purifier,hydraulic oil purifier,lubricating oil purifier,turbine oil purifier,cooking oil purifier etc.This filter element is mainly composed of fiberglass ,stainless steel,aluminum,It also can be used for oil water separate equipment,air compressor, and the lubrication system of electric power industrial,metallurgical industrial,petroleum chemical industrial,machinery and equipment industrial etc.The 50~100μ filter can be rewashing.

Product Description:
1. Mass media: general hydraulic oil phosphate ester hydraulic oil emulsion water - glycol
2. Material quality: glass fiber filter paper - BN stainless steel woven mesh - W wood pulp filter paper - P stainless steel sintering network -
3 .Filtration precision: 1 u to 100 u
4. Work pressure: 21 bar to 210 bar
5. Working medium: general hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, phosphate ester emulsion, water - ethylene glycol
6. Working temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 110 ℃
7. Sealing material: fluorine aprons Nitrile butadiene rubber

Technical parameters:

Index nameUnit0.5μ10μ20μ50μ80μ100μ
Flow rateL/s10~400L/s
Filtration pressureMPa0.3~0.4MPa
Working temperature- 30 ~ + 100℃
Fireproof, Static protection
FiberglassStainless steel Mesh
Top caps
Aluminum alloy
End caps

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