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Oil Moisture Meter,Oil Trace moisture titrator, ppm Analyzer

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Product Description

Oil Trace moisture titrator Tester for Series HST
Karl Fischer Coulomb titration is the most reliable method to detect trace moisture for different substances, which was utilized successfully by HOPU trace moisture titrator. What’s important, this instrument is able to work more reliably and conveniently by using the most advanced control circuit and 32 bit embedded microcontroller processor as the master control core and utilizing embedded mini operating system. Character with fast analyzing speed, simple operation, high precision and strong automatism, the trace moisture titrator has been widely used in the industry of petroleum, chemical, power, railway, pesticide, medicine and environmental protection.
Instrument features:
●Utilizing 32 bit embedded microcontroller processor as the master control core and embedded mini operating system.
●Be stable and reliable because of constant pressure detection, high precision and rapid measuring speed.
●Simple operation and convenient digital calculation due to color touch screen and full digital keyboard.
●Four calculation formulas are included, which can meet the different requirement of customer.
●Miniature thermal printer with time record make searching more convenient.
● New profile is designed according to the ergonomics.
●Creative and optimal operating software will bring a different touch experience for you.

Ⅱ. Technical parameters

Method of Display7 inch color touch LCD with English display
Method of TestingMPU controlled electrolysis(Karl Fischer Coulometric Method)
Rate of Electrolysis2.4mgH2O/min
Electrolysis CurrentAuto-control within 430Ma
Testing Range0.01ugH2O-200mgH2O
Water Content Range0.0001%(1ppm)—100%
AccuracyWater Content: 2ugH2O-100ugH2O; Deviations≤±1ug,Water Content: 100ugH2O-1000ugH2O; Deviations≤±2.9ug,Water Content: >1000ugH2O; Deviations≤±0.2%(excluding deviations of sample injection)
Drift CompensationAuto-control via MPU
Stirring SpeedAdjustable and steerable
End-point IndicationLCD display /output via printing / voice warning / end-point indication light
Data InputInput via touch screen
Sample NumberNumbered by users
StorageInfinite storage capacity
PrinterThermal printer, high-speed, low-consumption, with 44 millimeter-wide paper
Printing Contentug / ppm / mg/L / sample number /experimenter / date
Calendar/Clockautomatic display and print analyzing time and date
Self-checkingBreakdown self-checking
Special FunctionWork independently or connected with laptop or other computers
Power Consumption<40W
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 5℃-40℃,Humidity: <85%
Power SupplyAC220V±10% 50HZ±2.5HZ
WeightAbout 5.5kg

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