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Portable Oil Purifier, Oil Tranfering Device

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Product Description


HOPU Portable Oil Purifier and Oil Filling Machine, Oil Transfer Machine, 3 Stage Oil Filter Machine Model JL Series is especially used for big impurities and tiny particles removal from used oil. It is composed of three-stage precise filtering. This machine is an ideal substitute of the board-frame oil purifier and the centrifugal oil purifier. It is also can serve as precise filtering and oiling.


1. Purify the tiny and fine mechanical impurities oil to remove the harmful materials.

2. A prior choice for high precision removing impurities.

3. With the function of oil filling & oil drawing.(for equipments required small quantity of oil)


This Portable Oil Purifier and Oil Filling Machine, Oil Transfer Machine, 3 Stage Oil Filter Machine is equipped with three-stage purification normally, but it can be designed to equip with 1 to 4 stages filters based on different needs, portable, easy to operate, very low price, no need of purification paper, no contamination to the ground.Machine can effectively purify the tiny and fine mechanical impurity min oil, enabling it to be a prior choice of power industry, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mechanics and railway for oil filling, oil drawing and high precision impurity removal of mutual inductor, lathe, and oil breaker which do not use large quantity of oil.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply380V/ 50HZ/ 3P (AS PER YOUR REQUIREMENT)

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