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Transformer Capacitance Tangent Delta Tester,Dissipation Loss Factor Analyzer

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Product Description

Tan delta tester application:

HOPU HJS-300 Automatic Transformer Tangent Delta Tester is a high-precision test instrument for testing the dielectric loss tangent value and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment on-site or in laboratories such as power plants and power substations. Measurement on dielectric loss tangent value (tgδ) and capacitance of transformer, mutual inductor, reactor, capacitor, bushing and arrester

The instrument is an integrated structure, built-in dielectric loss test bridge, variable frequency voltage regulator power supply, step-up transformer and SF6 high stability standard capacitor. The test high-voltage source is generated by the inverter inside the instrument and used for the test of the tested product after being boosted by the transformer. The frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz, 55Hz or 65Hz, and the digital notch technology is adopted to avoid the interference of power frequency electric field on the test, and fundamentally solve the problem of accurate measurement under strong electric field interference. At the same time, it is suitable for occasions where generators are used for power supply detection after all power failures.

The instrument is equipped with high-voltage boosting transformer, and has taken zero-passage closing, lightning protection and other safety protection measures. It outputs voltage of different grades ranging from 0.5kV to 10kV during test, which ensures simple and safe operation.


Accuracy Cx: ±(readingx%+1PF), Tgo: ±(reading%+0.00040)
 Anti-interference index within 200%
 Capacitance range Internal HV: 3PF-60000PF/10kv 60PF-1UF/0.5kv
 High voltage output 0.5KV∽10KV per 0.1kV
Accuracy 2%
Maximum current 200MA
Capacitance 1500 VA
Self-Stimulate power supplyAC 0V∽50V/15A 45HZ/55HZ55HZ/65HZ
Measuring rangeTgδ Unlimited
C x:  5pF < Cx < 300nF10KV: Cx < 60  nF5KV :Cx < 150 nF1KV: Cx < 300 nF
CVT Test: Cx < 300 nF
 Resolutiontgδ: 0.001%Cx: 0.01pF
CVTCVT ratio range 10∽10000CVT ratio accuracy 0.1%CVT ratio resolution 0.01
voltage setting range0.5-10kv
Measuring durationAbout 40s, depending on measuring method
PrinterWH-A7 mini-type thermal printer
Overall dimension460x360x350mm

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