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Automatic Open Cup Flash and Fire Point Tester

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Product Description


HSD series automatic opening flash point measuring instrument is a high-tech product (which can be used for oil flash point and ignition point detection). The patented technology is used to detect the abrupt change of the conductive resistance of the flame by using the high-performance detection ion ring. The detection mode is consistent with the direction of ion movement when the flame is conducting. The detection area is enlarged, the sensitivity is improved, and the phenomenon of missing detection and false inspection is avoided.

The instrument adopts closed loop control technology, to achieve a good temperature control; using air cooling device, fast cooling; high-definition color touch screen technology; self checking function; a large amount of data storage, can store 1000 data; using platinum ignition, long service life, stable ignition.Functions and characteristics

Products features

1 Using new high-speed digital signal processor, high precision and reliable

2.A host can simultaneously control multiple test furnaces to test multiple samples, save test time

3 Detection, uncap, ignition, alarm, cooling, print, all tests finished automatically

4 Platinum heating wire (standard), gas ignition (optional)

5 Automatic detect atmospheric pressure, automatic correct test results

6 Automatic stop detection and to alarm when exceed temperature range

7 Thermal mini-printers, with offline printing function

8 Historical records with time marks, store up to 255 groups

9 Using 320x240 large-screen graphical LCD display

10 Touch screen buttons, easy to operate and intuitive

11 Built-in many of implementation standards to select

Technical Parameters:

DisplayTouch type color LCD display
Measurement modeThermocouple differential detection
Measurement rangeRoom temperature-350℃
RepeatibilityNational standard:Tolerance ±1℃ at flash point value<104℃,±2℃ at flash point ≥104℃International standard: Tolerance ±1°C at flash point ≤110℃, ±2℃at flash point >110℃
PrinterHigh-speed thermal printer, 56 mm paper width
Temperature detectionImported platinum resistance(Pt100Ω)
Cooling modeForced air cooling
Working environmentTemperature:10℃-45℃,Humidity: 30-80%
Power supplyAC220V±10%

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