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DC Hipot Test Set,Dielectric High Voltage Tester

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Product Description


HZGF series hipot is testing DC high voltage for zinc oxide lighting arrester, magnetic blowing arrester, power cables,generators, transformers, switches and other equipment, which is suitable for electric power branch, power department of factories, scientific research units, railway,chemical industry, power plants.


1. Light weight, more portable, full function,suitable for wild field testing.

2.With high frequency voltage-multiplying,circuit and PWM pulse width modulation


3.Small ripple coefficient, high voltage output stability, no noise, more reliable and stable.

4.Over-voltage, over-current, zero start and fault protection function, voltage protection value can be displayed.

5. Adapts digital display, current and voltage can be read clearly.

6. High stability of voltage adjusting. Designed with coarse adjust and fine adjust.

7. 75% VDC 1mA function button, convenient for test.


Product Models and Technical Parameters

 Voltage (KV)/mACurrent (mA)Control BoxHigh-Voltage Unit
Rated VoltageSize (mm)Weight kgSize (mm)Weight kg
60/2-560KV310 * 250 * 2305kg470 * 260 * 2206kg
80/2-580KV310 * 250 * 2306kg490*260*2208kg
100/2-5100KV310 * 250 * 2306kg550*260*2208kg
120/2-5120KV310 * 250 * 2307kg600 * 260 * 22010kg
200/2-5200KV310 * 250 * 2308kg1000 * 280 * 27020kg
300/2-5300KV310 * 250 * 2309kg1300 * 280 * 27022kg
output polarityNegative polarity, no-voltage start, linear continuous adjustment
working power supply50HZ AC220V±10%
voltage error0.5%±2,minimum solution 0.1KV
current error0.5%±2,minimum solution 0.1µA
ripple factorbetter than 0.5%
voltage stabilityRandom flunctuation , grid change is 10% , the flunctuation <=0.5%
working mannerInterval working, less than 30 minutes under rated load
working conditionTemperature: 0-40℃, humidity: less than 90%
storage conditionTemperature: -10℃~40℃, humidity: less than 90%
altitudeLower than 3000 m 

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