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Gas Dew Point Detection Instrument/Trace Water Content Tester

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Product Description


Dew point uses imported alumina or polymer film capacitive dew point sensor. It measures the trace moisture content in various trace gases. It is suitable for some online analysis occasion where the moisture content control requirement is quiet strict such as petrochemical, natural gas, industrial gas, semiconductor industry, drying industry, food industry, power industry, machinery manufacturing, air separation industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

dew point tester Feature

¨ Portable design:light,portable,convenient to use.

¨ Rapid measurement:when start work,it takes a short time on measurement,and get the humidity value. 

¨ Low gas consume:it just consume 2L(101.2kPa)in a test.

¨ Self-locking joint:the self-locking joint is imported from Germany,safe,reliable,leakproof.

¨ Data memory:high-capacity design,save up to 50 test data.

¨ Legible display:dew point,Micro moisture(ppm),ambient temperature,ambient humidity,time,date,battery,etc,can be read from the LCD.

¨ RS232 port:can be connected with serial printer,carry on data printing.

¨ Built-in power supply:built-in 4Ah rechargeable lithium battery,it can work continuously at least 10 hours.

dew point tester Specification

dew pointRanges-60 ℃~+20 ℃
Test time(+20℃)<3 minutes
ambient temperature  -40℃~+60℃
ambient humidity  0~100% RH
Power  AC 220V
  built-in rechargeable battery
Battery  charge 20 hours,operating 10 hours
operating temperature-40℃~+80℃

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