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High accuracy portable testing equipments, Fully Automatic transformer oil bdv dielectric strength tester

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Product Description

Product Introduction
There are a large number of electrical equipment in power factories, mines and enterprises, those equipment's inner insulation are mostly oil-filled insulation. Dielectric strength test of insulating oil is a necessary routine test. In order to meet the need of the rapidly development of the power industry. Our company has developed HJT series automatic oil dielectric strength testing system. This series is designed and manufactured according as national standard GB/T 507-2002, power industry standard DL/T 429.9-91, and power industry standard DL/T 846.7-2004. This equipment has equipped with microcomputer control, automatic electromechanical integration, high test accuracy, work efficiency can be greatly improved, work labor intensity can be greatly reduce.

Function Introduction
1. BDV oil tester is a single oil cup structure, using microcomputer control, automatically complete a series of operations including increase, maintain or reduce voltage, stirring or static insulation oil, display and printing calculation results, etc.
2.Adopt with large-screen dot matrix liquid crystal display(LCD), with backlight system, can be clearly visible even at night. The test process will prompted by menu, can be easily operated.
3.This instrument is easy to operate, operator only need to follow the instruction to input simple instructions, instrument will automatically complete the insulation oil test according to the Settings. Every breakdown voltage value will be automatically stored, the printer will be open after the test has complete to, the breakdown voltage value and the average value can be print out.
4.This instrument is equipped with two methods of automatic test and manual test under computer control, which can be changed before the test.
5.This instrument is adaptable, portable and convenient, can be used for laboratory or outdoor field test. It also has a strong anti-interference ability, can work normally under a strong electromagnetic field.
6.This instrument has over pressure, over current, automatic reset and other protective devices, under normal circumstances, absolutely ensure the safety of the instrument itself and operators.
7.The booster speed can be selected according to different experimental standards.

Working Condition
Environmental temperature
Relative humidity
oil cup capacity
Electrode distance
Technical Guidance
Power supply voltage
AC 220V±22V
Power frequency
50Hz ±2.5Hz
Output voltage
Voltage booster capacity
Booster speed
2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5kV/s (adjustable)
Total voltage distortion rate

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