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Insulating oil Tangent Delta and resistivity tester,Oil Power Factor Meter

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Product Description

 Insulating Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester Application:

 HJS-200 Series Insulating oil tangent delta and resistivity tester,also called Automatic Precision Oil Dissipation Factor Tester or oil tan delta tester, which is used for testing tangent delta value,dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity of insulation transformer oil and other liquid insulating medium. 

The instrument is characterized by integrated structure, and integrates the dielectric loss of grease cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test bridge,AC test power, standard capacitor, high resistance meter, DC high voltage source and other major components. It is equipped with large screen LCD display. The test results can be automatically stored and printed out so that the operator with no professional training will be able to use it easily.


1. Grease cup complies to national standard GB/T5654-2007; three-electrode structure; inter-electrode space of 2mm; eliminate stray capacitance and leakage effects on dielectric loss test results.

2. Adopts the medium frequency induction heating and PID temperature control algorithm with advantages of non-contact oil cup and heating body, even heating, fast speed, convenient control, strict temperature control.

3. Internal standard capacitor of SF6 gas-filled three-electrode capacitance of the capacitor dielectric loss and electrical capacity independence of ambient temperature, humidity and other effects. The instrument accuracy is ensured even after prolonged use.

4. AC test power supply using AC-DC-AC conversion to effectively avoid fluctuations in mains voltage and frequency effect on dielectric loss measurement accuracy. Even a generator, the instrument can work properly.

5. Perfect protection function. When there is over voltage, over current or high-voltage short circuit, instrument can quickly cut off pressure and issues a warning message. When the temperature of the sensor fails or is not connected, the instrument will also issue a warning message.

6. There is a temperature limit relay in the medium frequency induction heating furnace. When temperature is above 120 degrees, the instrument frees the relay and stops heating.

7.More convenient the experimental parameter is set.Temperature setting range 0~125℃, AC voltage setting range 500~2200V, DC voltage setting range 0~500V.

8. With large screen LCD with backlight and clear display. Friendly interface; Enter the commands, the instrument will automatically test, store and print test results.

9. Built-in real-time clock. Test date ans time can be retained with the test results, display and print.

10. Air electrode cup calibration function. Measurement air electrode cup capacitance and dielectric loss factor in order to determine air electrode cup cleaning and assembly condition. The calibration data is automatically saved in order to facilitate the calculation of relative permittivity and DC resistivity.


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