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kinematic viscosity tester, Petroleum Oil kinematic viscometer

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Product Description

Product Introduction
HOPU NDT series Kinematic viscosity meter is used for measure the kinematic viscosity of petroleum product, applicable to national standard GB/T 265-88. This instrument combines the advantages of all other similar products, implement new design concept, is a upgrade product from the old generation tester. Our Determinator, applicable to GB265-88, GB1814, ASTM D445, IP71, and other determining methods,adopts precise digital temperature controller to control temperature, with advantage of digital display, high accuracy of temperature control, time-reckoning via digital stopwatch and uniform temperature of homoeothermic waterbath. It not only can be installed with four viscometers for testing simultaneously, but also can be high-viscosity homoeothermic waterbath for other testing.

Structural Features and Function Introduction
Double bath insulating protection, the structure is exquisite and practical.
Temperature measurement and control, time keeping, data processing and kinematic viscosity value calculation are all will be automatically completed by the instrument, the tester are complete and perfect functions.
Temperature measurement using precision resistance, measurement resolution can reach 0.005℃.
Using modern fuzzy logic control method, the precision of constant temperature can be ±0.1 ℃
Touch color LCD screen, the interactive interface are simple and friendly.
Operation method simple and convenient, only need to follow the instruction displayed on the screen
The working parameters will not be lost even if the power goes off, and the testing results and working parameters can be automatically print out
Capillaries adopt three-point vertical type, flexible and convenient to operate, reliable clamping
New lighting system, disc-shaped and tri-phosphor LED lamp with good perspective, soft light and long using life

NDT Series Kinematic Viscosity Tester
Main technical indicator
Test sample entrance
Heating power
Constant temperature range
room temp~120℃
Constant temperature precision
Stirring speed
10 level adjustable
Timing range
0~999.9 second
Working Condition
Power supply voltage
AC 220V±22V
Power frequency
50Hz±2.5 Hz
Operating environment temperature
Working environment humidity

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