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Transformer Oil Gas Chromatography Analyzer

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Product Description


Dissolved gas analyzer adopts dissolved gas chromatography analysis system. It is computer automatically controlled, all-keyboard operated and large-LCD screen. It complies to requirements of power system dissolved gas component determination for insulation oil(chromatography). And it's characterized by high-precision temperature control, stable and reliable performance, high sensitivity, good reproducibility.

It is equipped with TCD, double FID and methane conversion oven. It could achieve total analysis of nine components (H2,O2,N2,CH4, C2H2,C2H4,C2H6,CO, CO2) of dissolved gas in insulation oil by one time.            

It can be employed for internal fault detection of power system oil and gas equipments, cooling medium analysis of hydrogen-cooled generators, impurity analysis of sulfur hexafluoride, the boiler flue gas analysis, gas analysis and environmental monitoring analysis. Due to its employment not only for special analysis, but also for general analysis, the analyzer becomes the most effective gas analysis instrument in petroleum, chemical engineering, mining and other systems.


1. With 5.7 inch color LCD screen, intuitive display, easy operation

2. 10/100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface, built-in IP protocol stack, long-distance data transmission can be realized through LAN or Internet

3. Microcomputer temperature control system, high precision, high reliability and anti-jamming performance; eight independent temperature control systems, sixteen step temperature programming, wide range of measuring samples, oven back door auto opening system which enables fast heating and cooling and ensures accuracy of low temperature control

4. Three independent connection threads

5. The attached web work station supports multiple instrument (253 sets) working simultaneously, data processing and management.

6. Modularized structure, easy upgrading, several configurations, FID,TCD.ECD.FPD, NPD for options

7. EPC, EFC for options for digital control and higher automation

8. Gas path self protection, auto ignition and re-ignition, self-starting function

9. Auto-sampler interface with multiple drivers built in, which enable additional auto-samplers at any time

10. Auto identifying detectors, self fault-diagnosis, auto save function

11. Injector port seals, liner, emitter, collector, nozzle, all can be easily replaced by sing hand

12. Packed column, capillary injector, TCD, FID can be easy removed just by a wrench, convenient maintenance

13. Unique high temperature resistant quartz design Nozzle, good inertia, proper rotary seal

14. Unique capillary positioning system, to keep stability of the column installation and constant burning rate

15. Plug type circuit board, easy replacement by removing four screws

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