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Transformer Vacuum Evacuating System, Double Stage Vacuum Pumps Group Set

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Product Description


HOPU VPS Series Transformer Vacuum Evacuating System is widely used for vacuum pumping of power transformer and other electrical vacuum equipment in transformer substation, administration of power supply, power generation plant, and transformer manufactory, etc. VPS Series vacuum pumps unit consist of roots pump as booster and rotary vane pump as backing pump, the exhaust from the roots pump is connected to the suction side of the backing pump thereby giving advantage of high pumping speed at higher vacuum. It can achieve 10 pa working vacuum and 1 pa limited vacuum degree. But it is unsuitable for pumping toxic gas, explosive gas, high-oxygen content gas, high-moisture content gas, and the gas which will be reaction to pump oil or cause erosive effect on ferrous metal.


1. The vacuum pump set adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump, so the vacuum pumping

speed and pressure, are obviously better than any other devices.

2. Working vacuum range and maximum vacuum degree are superior to other products.

3. It’s equipped with a control panel for controlling the operation of pumps.

4. Consist of necessary high quality pipelines and valves to operate the system.

5. It is installed with special vacuum gauge for accurate indication.

6. It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automatic control.

7. Stable and reliable operation, low noise, and easy to move.

8. Roots pump automatically runs by the start of backing pump with electrical-contact vacuum meter.

9. The powerful rotary vane backing pumps generate the necessary backing pressure so that the diffusion pump can always attain its full pumping speed and an ultimate vacuum

Technical datas

Technical ParameterVPS-30VPS-70VPS-150VPS-300VPS-600VPS-1200
Gas Pumping Speed (L/s) --- for Roots (Mechanical Booster) Vacuum Pump30701503006001200
Capacity (CU.MTR/HR) --- for Roots (Mechanical Booster) Vacuum Pump108252540108021604320
Gas Pumping Speed (L/s) --- for Rotary Vacuum Pump8153070300500
Capacity (CU.MTR/HR) --- for Rotary Vacuum Pump28.85410825210801800
Iimited pressure (Pa) for rotary vacuum pump6×10-2
Iimited pressure (Pa) for Roots (Mechanical Booster) pump5×10-2
Total Electric Power (kw)1.652.669.510.720.5
Main Pump TypeZDL-30ZDL-70ZDL-150ZDL-300ZDL-600ZDL-1200
Front Stage Pump Type2X-82X-152X-302X-70KT-300KT-500
Wire size of power supply input ≥(mm2)11.53468
Power Supply50Hz, 380V (3 phase, 4 wire)
Gas Inlet Caliber (mm)DN50DN80DN100DN160DN200DN250
Gas Outlet Caliber (mm)DN34DN60DN70DN90DN70DN90
Overall Dimensions (mm)730×460×1000790×550×12001050×600×13501320×780×15001450×860×20101680×1000×2690

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