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Oil Water Tester, Karl Fischer Coulometric Oil Testing Equipment

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Product Description

1.Scope of application:

HST Series Oil Moisture Tester is based on Karl Fischer Coulometric titration principle,and Test Methods for Water Content of Liquid Petroleum Products (Karl Fischer Methods)”. It is suitable to determine water content in the liquid or petroleum products by titration using Karl Fischer reagent.

It owns high accuracy and easy operation. This instrument can determine crystal water, adsorbed water and free water in any liquid oil,such as used cooking oil, Crude palm oil,Coconut 

oil,vegetable oil , sunflower oil,groundnut oil, olive oil, and also for lubricant oil,insulation oil.transformer oil and so on.

It is used in the electricity, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

2 Technical specifications

 Modes Coulometric KF titration with automatic blank deduction

Endpoint indication Voltametric, AC indication

Iodine production Pulse with variable current strength and length

Current at the generator electrode:  400 mA

Titration speed max.  2.4 mg H2O/min

Determination range  10 ug to 100 mg H2O

Resolution  0.1 ug H2O

Reproducibility Sample: Reagent manufacturer's standard.

With 10 ug...1000 ug H2O: ± 2 ug

With >1000 ug H2O: 0.2% or better

Drift compensation:  automatic

Display Graphical LCD, 320x 240 dots, LED back-lit

Printer  Built-in thermal printer, Paper width 57 mm

Memory Data storage 200 results

2.2 Ambient temperature

Nom. operation range  5 ... 40 °C

Storage – 20 ... 60 °C

Transport – 40 ... 60 °C

2.3 Mains connection

Voltage  220 V ± 10 %  47-63 Hz

       Power consumption max. 55 W

2.4 Dimensions

Material of housing   PVC

Material of display    Glass(LCD)

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