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3 Cups Insulating oil breakdown voltage tester

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Product Description

Three CupsTransformer oil tester machine performance:

HJT-3P Series 80KV 3 Cups Insulating oil dielectric strength tester is also known as oil breakdown voltage tester or oil BDV tester. It can test 3 oil samples at the same time,automatically printing test results, which can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Break down voltage is measured by observing at what voltage, sparking string between two electrode immersed in the oil, separated by specific gap. low value of BDV indicates presence of moisture content and conducting  substances in the oil.

In this kit, oil is kept in a pot in which one pair of electrodes are fixed with a gap of 2.5 mm (in some kit it 4mm) between  them. 


1.withstand voltage test in the range of 0 ~ 80KV.

2.Large-screen LCD.

3.Simple operation

4.Store 100 experimental results, and display the currentenvironment temperature and humidity.

5.The whole process easy to control.

6.With overvoltage, overcurrent, limiting protection, in order to ensure the safety of operators.

7.With a temperature measurement display function and system clock display.

8.Standard RS232 interface. 

9. Three or single oil cup structure, controlled by computer, can automatically done  boost, keep, step-down, stirring, static put, display calculation, printing, and so on a series of operation, suitable from 0-80 kV within the insulating oil pressure test.

Output voltage0~80kV (optional)
Minimum resolution0.1kV
Measurement accuracy±(2% * reading+ 0.2kV)
Rate of rise1.0,2.0,3.0kV/S (optional)
Breakdown to cut off the time≤1ms
Testing time6 times (1~6 times optional)
Oil cup capacity400ml  200ml
Electrode distance2.5mm (Electrode gap can be adjusted)
                                                Work condition
Work temperature0°C~ 40°C
Environment humidity≤85%RH
Work powerAC 220V±20%
Power frequency50±1Hz 

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