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Transformer Capacity and Loss Tester

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Product Description

I  Introduction

Transformer Capacity Testing Instrument is specialized in bad power users evading basic electricity secretly adds capacity problems and is a high precision instrument specially used for the measurement of the transformer capacity and parameters. This product uses color LCD monitor, English display, simple and quick menu operation, man-machine interface is friendly. The internal of the instrument has a rechargeable battery and it can work without external power source. A fully charged battery can be continuously measured more than 100 sets. In addition, the instrument can provide three-phase precise 50Hz sine wave AC test power without the external three-phase test power, the pressure regulator, up flow reactor and other auxiliary equipment in measuring the capacity and transformer load loss, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the work.

This is a multi-functional measuring instrument, which is equivalent to two common devices: activity transformer capacity tester and transformer parameter tester. It can be used for test transformer capacity, model, no-load current, no-load loss, load loss, impendence voltage and so on.

This product has many advantages such as small, light , high accuracy, stability, simple operation and so on. It can replace the multi-meter method to measure the transformer loss and capacity with simple wiring and convenient testing so that the work efficiency can be greatly improved.


1. We can measure a variety of distribution transformer, power transformer capacity instead of the additional power. It is more convenient and efficient.

2.Combined with the power, voltage, boost up flow and other equipment, it measures various transformer no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage, load loss and so on.

3.All results are automatically carried out relevant correction. You only need to input the related parameters (such as temperature, load adjustment coefficients), then the instrument can automatically correct such as waveform deformity correction, temperature correction, correction of non rated voltage, rated current correction.

4.The maximum voltage is up to 750V and the maximum current is up to 100A. It is equipped with protection circuit.

5.The voltage and current range can be very flexible and easy to expand.

6.It has large screen, high brightness LCD display, English menu and operation tips, friendly man-machine interface and wide temperature, brightness adjustable type LCD screen, which can adapt to the different temperature.

7. According to the test results of no-load and load loss, it can automatic presume the three-phase oil immersed distribution transformer and power transformer’s performance levels as the reference (this instrument is currently only available for three-phase oil immersed transformer and power transformer performance level code. Others are invalid.)


Active:Voltage measuring range: 0~10V

Current measuring range: 0~10A

Passive:Voltage measuring range: 0~750V

Current measuring range: 0~100A range switching fully automatically.




Working Temperature:-10ºC~ +40ºC

Charging source:AC 160V~260V

Insulation  resistance  of  voltage,  current  input  terminal  to  the  shell

The affordable power frequency between power source and shell: 2kV

(effective value), takes 1 minute test.

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